How Stuff Works

05 Oct

How Stuff Works

I’m cheating a little today because things are crazy hectic here, but this site is phenomenal and so packed with information and goodies, I probably wouldn’t be able to fully do it justice!

For kids of all ages, and especially for those who love to learn about everything, How Stuff Works is fantastic.  Not only centered on science, the folks at How Stuff Works are experts in just about every field of study and any topic imaginable – from quantum physics to pop culture!  Here students can explore and learn about any topic with either a search, or the easily navigable menu bar to find the topic they are interested in.  If then have some down time, allow them to peruse the games and quizzes to see how well they do.  These are far beyond the usual point and click games they get trapped in too.

To help supplement your lessons, check out the many podcasts and videocasts that are available for viewing or download, either right from the site, or through iTunes or the Android Marketplace.  These are usually short (in the range of 5 minutes), fast paced and fun so it grabs their interest and keeps it while delivering a nice quick hit of information.

Each day, content changes as well – visit to see a new “mind blower”, picture, quiz, illustration, and facts everyday.

This is designed more with adults in mind, so you will want to preview topics before trying this with your class, especially the younger ones.  Have some fun this weekend getting lost here, you might even learn something new and fun!

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