Interactive Cinema — How Movies are Made

16 Oct

Interactive Cinema

Take your students on a journey through the process of film making in Hollywood.  This interactive lesson from the Annenberg Project on is perfect for helping them understand the complexities of getting a film from being just an idea onto the big screen.

Students can follow along from page one, using the on site navigation to learn the basics of screenwriting, directing, producing, and acting in feature films.  Each section has additional reading highlighting a key component of the process, from a short historical vignette to a biographical sketch.  Also, look for the clapboards for hands on activities where students can dive in and try the process for themselves.

While this might not instantly create the next Coppola, Scorsese, or Spielberg in your class, this can be either a fun add on lesson for students or as preparation for creating movie and film projects as part of your content lessons.  The steps involved in the Hollywood film making process will translate well, albeit on a smaller scale, to your classroom projects as well.

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