What Happened On… — This Day in History

18 Oct

What Happened On…

Building off yesterday’s theme of something new for the class every day, “What Happened On…” is a great site for injecting some history, from ancient to last year, into your classroom.

In an easy to find format, “What Happened On…” allows you to simply click on the date you are interested in and then receive a number of facts (displayed in parenthesis next to the date) of events that happened on that date, including notable births and deaths.  While this is not a purely comprehensive list of events, it gives you a quick picture of the significance of the day in history.

You might use these to spark a different roundtable discussion with your class every morning or to display on the board, or even read as part of the morning announcements to provide the whole school with a little tidbit of trivia.  I actually use this site everyday to spice up my date board in the library!

There are applications for “What Happened On…” in any subject and at any grade level.  Just make sure, as always, that you preview the site first to make sure the content is appropriate and useful for your class!

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