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23 Oct


You found a great site with information that you want to use in your class as a reading, a news article, perhaps, but there is no print friendly option!  Those ads and sidebar items are everywhere and don’t even get me started on the 15 pages worth of comments! – What to do??  Try to grab just what you need.

This site is extremely easy to use and can help you cu the clutter that otherwise would appear in a hard copy of a website, or even in a PDF version.  Simply copy and past the URL of the site you want to print into PrintFriendly and be taken instantly to a printer friendly version of the text – no sidebars, no ads, no comments – only the core text!  Are there pieces of the text you would rather not see?  Simply hover your mouse over them and click to delete.  This also works well with pictures that might be unnecessary to you. (I use this site all the time to print out recipes with step-by-step photo instructions and delete those to converse paper.)  There is also the option to save your print friendly version as a PDF or to email it for future use.

If you have the capability, download their extension or hotlink button for your web browser and have PrintFriendly options available with one click.  We’re all being asked to find ways to cut back and save money where possible.  While it’s only pennies per page, an option like this can still help you to do your part to save some funds within your district for more vital materials down the line.

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