Free Flash Keyboarding Practice

24 Oct


Have you or your students ever wanted to try to become better typists, especially using a real-time and FREE program? helps you with this by providing a free flash based typing program that can help them learn using real-life typing drills, opposed to typing repetitive nonsense letter combinations that can become boring after time.

Choose from three different settings:

  • Random text – Keybr chooses text that reads similar to a captcha, but provides common letter combinations for practice.  Here you can also select from 3 different levels of difficultly that will slowly introduce new keys to the students over time.
  • Custom text – You can upload your own text document to control what the students are typing, or to track progress over time on the same document.
  • Website/Blog – Select any website or blog site and keybr will upload the text into the typing drill so you or your students can copy that for practice.

The best part of this site, aside from the free component, is that it can be fully customizable by you, through a simple signup and login.  Students will like this because it plays like a game, continually keeping track of a student’s words typed per minute and “score” as well as tracking their most frequently missed keys, allowing them to refine their practice and drills in the future.

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