Numbers — What’s so Special?

12 Nov

What’s Special About This Number?

A short, but fun, quick list today for the math folks out there.  What’s Special About This Number? Is a great list that takes most of the integers between 0 and 9,999 and gives a unique fact about each.

From being a unique example of a mathematical property, such as a prime, perfect, abundant, or composite number to being a constant or a specific number in a sequence, such as the Fibonacci sequence.

This list could be used in several ways, aside from being a great reference tool.  Perhaps you could select a number a day to highlight its properties and quickly address some higher-level mathematical concepts in a warm-up or as a sideboard item.  Another idea would be to use this list as an intro into having students select projects and concepts to research and write on as a cross-curricular math-English effort.

Also of Interest:  Numerology  — for those who would like to study numbers in the sense that they hold mythical, and sometimes predictive powers in the universe.

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