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10 Dec


When are we ever going to use this?  How many times have you heard that in class?  Ever wish you had more examples of when to use what your students are learning in class applied to real-world scenarios?  NBC Learn might help.

NBC has put together 11 different series that help give you more examples of how what we teach, especially math and science, are used in everyday life.  Each series contains several 4-5 minute videos that clearly explain different concepts with experts, athletes, and NBC footage where appropriate.  The individual NBC Learn series are:

  • Writers Speak to Kids – Popular authors speaking about their creative process and experiences as writers.
  • Decision 2012 – Stories from the current and past elections in modules for teaching math, civics, and history. This has been kept current past November 6, 2012.
  • Science of the Summer Olympics – Partnering with the National Science Foundation, students learn about engineering and the technology that help athletes compete in the 2012 London games.
  • Science Behind the News – Uses current events and digs deeper to explain the biology, chemistry, and physics that contribute to the stories.
  • Science of NHL Hockey – Explores the math and science behind how the game of hockey is played, using footage from NBC Sports.
  • Science of NFL Football – Similar to the NHL series, but the science and math that drives the competition in the NFL.
  • Chemistry Now – This series contains over 25 modules that break down everyday life into chemistry.  Students can learn the chemistry of a cheeseburger, plastics, pumpkin pie, household chemistry, and more.
  • Changing Planet – In partnership with the national Science Foundation, this series shows students the impact of climate change on the planet in several different areas. More in-depth lesson plans are available for each video.
  • Science of the Olympic Winter Games – Videos that explain the biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics behind competing in Winter Olympic sports.
  • Finishing the Dream – In several different modules, NBC and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation present the Civil Rights era with archival clips of events and original town hall conversations from across the nation, placing students right in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Sinking of the Titanic – To mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic this series contains archival news videos, scientific articles explaining how the ship sank, and many other resources about the science, math, and sociological impact of the event.

Virtually all of these videos and modules contain lesson plans for use in the classroom and are all “student-safe” with a cross-curricular potential.  While these are the free resources from NBC Learn, there is a whole line of lessons, videos, and project ideas that can be purchased – just look under their “Products” tab and their K-12 resources.

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