Real World Math — Teaching Math Concepts with Google Earth

12 Dec

Real World Math

Another in a great one in a series of sites that helps you answer that question “when will we use this?” is Real World Math.   Using Google Earth, either on a PC or with a tablet device like an iPad, Real World Math has set up free lessons that will integrate with Google Earth to allow you to teach various concepts to your students using real-life and real world locations and scenarios.

The Real World Math lessons are broken into five subsections that have several modules and files within each.  All you have to do is download the .kmz files and open them with Google Earth. Instructions for the students are pre-loaded when they open the file and Google Earth will take them exactly where they need to be to complete their assignments.  This is a great way to integrate technology into your classroom either individually or through your projector.

The lesson subsections available are:

  • Concepts – Basic math topics, such as scientific notation, estimation, and geometry as well as geographical concepts such as exchange rate and time zones.
  • Project Based Learning – Students are presented with a location and a problem to solve.  They must work collaboratively in pairs or groups to work through the activity.  These are usually longer lessons.
  • Measurement – Uses the ruler tool in Google Earth to help students understand areas, estimation, and measuring geographical features.
  • Exploratory – More “non-traditional” concepts such as fractals, tessellations, and map-making.
  • Space – Uses the new Google Moon, Mars, and Sky features to take math activities out of this world!

Video tutorials on how to use both Google Earth and the Real World Math download files are available to help familiarize you and your students with the program and features needed to work through the lessons.  Make sure that you first go to the “Contact” section to apply for a free password to the Teacher area where you can find more information about the program and lesson plans.  All you need to submit is your name and email!

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