Get the Math! — Algebra in the Real World

18 Dec

Get the Math!

From WNET comes this great series that helps students understand simple algebra in real world examples through video and challenging projects.  Get the Math! currently has six videos and challenges available to students.  Each addresses a different concept or formula and feature all-star celebrities explaining how they use the math in their respective fields. Following the video is a step-by-step challenge for students to directly apply what they have just learned.

The videos currently available are:

  • Math in Music
  • Math in Fashion
  • Math in Videogames
  • Math in Restaurants
  • Math in Basketball
  • Math in Special Effects

Tutorials helping explain how to use Get the Math! in your classroom are available as are lesson plans and expansion project ideas.  This is a great way to help integrate a little technology into your class, either by watching the videos as a whole then breaking into groups to attempt the challenges or by having students work in small groups on each concept.  Try using Get the Math! as a supplement to your lessons, as a starter to a larger Project-Based Learning (PBL) unit, or as an extra-credit assignment.  Students could even design their own new challenges to show how they use algebra in their own daily life.

All the videos on Get the Math! are embedded in the browser so make sure you test your browser and machine for compatibility before showing these to your classes.

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