Science of Cooking — Turn your Kitchen into a Lab!

19 Dec

Science of Cooking

Science is everywhere – and this is especially true in the kitchen!  The Science of Cooking from Exploratorium is a great site for teaching the science (and a little history) behind some popular and common foods and kitchen items.

Broken into six sections (eggs, pickles, candy, bread, seasoning, and meat) Science of Cooking examines not only the science of each, but also includes the history and culture of each food item as well as some trivia and moderated forum discussions.  Each section also includes recipes and activities to bring allow students and kids experiment in the kitchen not only making different dishes with various techniques but also activities that demonstrate the unique properties of each food.

Try this as a way to spice up your science curriculum (yes, pun intended!) or as a supplemental, extra credit site to have students practice some science concepts at home.  Science of Cooking is also perfect for homeschoolers who want to turn their kitchen into an active laboratory!

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