Citrify — Free Online Photo Editing

20 Dec


As students become more involved in creating digital media projects, the greater the need to have a quick and easy way to edit the photos they want to use in these projects.  While there are many paid or downloadable options available, sometimes it’s easier and quicker to have an online option and Citrify is a prime example of a great, easy photo editor that works in any web browser.

All you need to do is open the Citrify website and then click on the “start editing” button.  A new window will open that contains the photo editor:

Citrify will walk you through the editing of your photos, from simple resizing and  the removal of red-eye and freckles all the way to more involved color saturations and glare adjustments.  Citrify works on a very simple point and click interface and each option contains a slider with easy to follow labels for all edits.  Once the photo is how they want it, students can click on “save” and the new image will now be available for their projects!

While lots of the options that would be available to users in a more involved editing program such as Photoshop are not available in Citrify, the simple edits that most students would need are.  This is a very viable option that you would want to share in all classes with students to allow them to edit, adjust, or enhance photos as they find them and save a step in their work.

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