Gift Giving Traditions Around the World — Infographic

24 Dec

Gift Giving Traditions

Well, I know that in my house all the cookies are made, gifts wrapped, nog egged, and now I get to sit back and watch with delight as my little one squirms in eager anticipation of bedtime coming and the inevitable visit from the big guy — Santa Claus.  In thinking about the traditions that surround the Christmas holiday in our home, I found this interesting (and interactive!) infographic that highlights the various traditions of gift giving around the world — not just around Christmas time!  Hopefully you can take some time to explore it and find it as interesting as I did.

Merry Christmas!!


Gift Giving Traditions Around The World

This interactive gift giving map, brought to you by Cloud 9 Living, is meant for world travelers, study abroad students, those living in or visiting a foreign country; and anyone with curiosity about cultures, traditions and etiquette standards around the world.
The map specifically covers gift giving traditions in China, India, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Italy, Sweden, Bolivia, Tibet, Morocco, Russia, Samoa, Israel and the English Commonwealth. With holidays ranging from Diwali to Christmas, and traditions from gifting yogurt to pulling on earlobes; everyone will learn something new.
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