750 Words — Write 3 pages a day!

27 Dec

750 Words

If you have ever done journal writing, either in class or on your own, you never know when inspiration might strike.  You have also probably encountered the issue of having to lug around journal notebooks (if grading them) or finding one for yourself!  This is where a site like 750 Words comes in handy.

The brainchild of Buster Benson, 750 Words is based on the concept of “morning pages” which are three pages of writing (usually in longhand) done each day to keep the creative juices flowing and are not meant to be edited, revised, or changed in any way.  This equates to approximately 750 words of free-form brainstorm stream of consciousness writing each morning.

While this type of writing is meant to help writers clear their minds and get ideas moving, the concept can easily be applied to your classroom as you ask students to write journals or write creatively or objectively.  Where does the 750 Words site come in to this?  Use 750 Words as a base for your students to do their writing and have it saved to the cloud.  All they will need for this is a computer with Internet access and it can be any computer –no need for journal books or even flash drives!  Simply have them create either an account or log in with an existing social media account and they can begin writing straight from the 750 Words interface.  There is an option to follow other writers, and export and share their work do you can find it easily and they can keep personal writing private as well.

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One response to “750 Words — Write 3 pages a day!

  1. Peter D. Mallett

    December 27, 2012 at 10:54 am

    I like this idea. Thanks for sharing it.


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