Experience the Planets — Cross-Curricular Artistic Experssion

02 Jan

Experience the Planets

Science meets art, or the other way around, on this fantastic site where artists interpret our solar system creatively while at the same time applying scientific fact to their work.  Experience the Planets allows you to look at our planetary neighbors in a new light, while at the same time teaching students the astronomical facts behind the artwork.

There are many uses for a site like this.  You could use the idea behind Experience the Planets as a cross-curricular project with art and any subject in any grade level.  Have students illustrate a scientific concept or natural phenomenon and provide the research and factual material to accompany it.  You could do the same in a history or social studies class and have students create an artistic representation of a person or event and cite each aspect of their artwork with research.  Perhaps you might try using Experience the Planet’s concept in reverse to have students work in art class to critique pieces that depict historical or real-life events and find accuracy in the artwork based on their research of that event.

Make sure that you have the latest plug-ins (Flash, Shockwave, etc.) in your browser for Experience the Planets and watch the volume – there is a great classical-inspired background soundtrack for each of the eight planets.

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