Flocabulary – Hip-Hop in the Classroom

17 Jan

Flocabulary – Hip-Hop in the Classroom

We’re always looking for that new hook or different way to deliver information to our hardest to reach students.  Sometimes setting your lessons to music is the answer – and here is where Flocabulary could come in to save you!

Flocabulary is a series of free videos and audio raps that help teach lessons in all different subjects from History to Science through Language skills and Math.  Even current events are covered as Flocabulary puts out a weekly video – The Week in Rap.

Use these are supplements to lessons or direct students you think would benefit from these videos to Flocabulary.  Even more enjoyable might be to have your students become the creators of content using Flocabulary as a model – think of how much more enjoyable student presentations would be set to a beat!

Free trials and a subscription service is available as well for Flocabulary, but the free content posted is a great start, especially the year’s archive of current events videos!

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