MathTV — Quick Video Lessons

24 Jan

Math TV

So you’ve tried and tried to explain a mathematical concept to a student in several different ways and using several different methods, but he or she still doesn’t quite get it.  Instead of banging your head off that math book, why not direct them toward MathTV?

MathTV is a series of video tutorials that cover just about every concept from basic arithmetic and place values all the way up to complex calculus.  Each major subject (Basic Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus) is further subdivided by specific concepts and functions.  What MathTV does is offer you a series of sample problems that illustrate each concept, and in many cases, this same concept is presented by up to four different instructors with some even available in Spanish.  This use of multiple instructors for each concept helps to strengthen MathTV’s presentation because while the rules and functions of the math remain the same, each instructor will approach the problem, and present their solution, in slightly different ways.  Imagine having four other teachers in the room with that hard to reach student – one of them will find the right way in!

MathTV will not be able to replace your instruction, but rather should be used as a compliment to it.  I would suggest trying these videos with a student struggling with a concept or perhaps helping a student on homebound instruction or who has been out of school for an extended period of time.  I know that for me sometimes seeing a slightly different presentation or wording of a topic or concept suddenly makes it click.  Hopefully MathTV can do the same for your students.

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