The Cell: An Image Library

25 Jan

The Cell: An Image Library


Sometimes you stumble upon a website that turns out to be a fascinating resource and one that, before you know it, you’ve lost a couple of hours to.  This happened to me with The Cell: An Image Library.

The Cell provides fantastic high-definition microscopic images of all varieties of cells as well as the individual cell components.  This site would be perfect in your science classroom, especially with a SmartBoard or projector to show students the wide variety of cells and single-celled organisms out there as well as their functions.

You might also think of using The Cell as a resource for other group projects in the classroom where students explore individual cell components in depth or study individual organisms.  There are thousands of images and videos available on The Cell.  Make sure that you filter your search results or browsing options to get just what you want – static images, video, time-lapse, etc. and keep all your plug-ins current so you can truly enjoy all this site has to offer!

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