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04 Feb

Write Rhymes

Write Rhymes

Today it’s all about quick and easy.  Here’s a tool that’s great not only for your creative writing of English classes, but one that could be used anywhere you want to get creative – even in your spare time!

Write Rhymes is a simple interface where you can type any word, or phrase, or series of words and when you hold down the ALT and click that word or phrase, suggestions for rhymes appear!  Write Rhymes is just like having a imbedded rhyming dictionary online!

Write Rhymes allows you to type your entire work to print, save or copy to another program if you like – or just use it as a simple dictionary and type in those hard to rhyme words one at a time!  Write Rhymes should be added to any tip sheet and tech toolbox you have as an additional resource for your creative (and not so creative) students.

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