Biology in Motion — Interactive Lectures and Labs

08 Feb

Biology in Motion

Biology in Motion

Another in a series of fantastic interactive and multimedia lesson sites that are out there, Biology in Motion helps to teach students about the basic concepts of biology in a very entertaining, yet informative way.

Each of the activities and exhibits on Biology in Motion allow students to view, manipulate, or experiment with various biological concepts from simple mini-lectures and vocabulary to a complete evolution lab.  The modules available on Biology in Motion are:

  • Evolution Lab
  • ATP and Energy Storage
  • Fat Digestion and Bile
  • Thyroid Gland and Negative Feedback
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • Cell Division
  • Urine Concentration

The modules and activities on Biology in Motion, outside of the general lectures and vocabulary, skew toward anatomy and physiology but information found is extremely valuable, engaging, and well worth the trip!

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