FutureMe — Time Travel Through e-mail

14 Feb

Dear Future Me,

What would you tell the future you if you had a chance?  Is there something you need to remember?  Some sage advice you might have? Do you want to be nostalgic?  What do you think your students would say? If you have ever wanted to do this but never had the chance, or if you’re looking for a fun, quick creative activity with your students, try FutureMe.

All you need to take advantage of FutureMe is access to the Internet and a valid e-mail address that you have now and will keep long enough to get your letter.  Have students write something to themselves at some future date – maybe freshman writing to themselves as seniors or graduating seniors writing to their future selves going to a five year reunion – the possibilities are endless!  What would they write?

With FutureMe, you can sample the students’ writing before they send it, and tailor it to be a reflective, persuasive, or creative piece.  You can even gauge the reaction of students to their letters if they were to send it to themselves while still in school.  Simply collaborate with a future teacher and have students write a response or reaction to their past selves letters.

FutureMe can be a fantastic tool for gauging student growth, both personally and academically and they will love the quasi time-travel aspect of the project (no TARDIS required).

Heads-up:  There is an option that letters can be shared publicly (but anonymously) and these appear in a sidebar on the right of the window.  Some may contain language inappropriate for school so determine whether or not your students can handle this (or preview the site the day you plan on using it).

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