Free Unit Conversion Apps

25 Feb

Conversion Apps

If you’re looking for a convenient app to help you convert units of measure, temperature, or even currency, why not give one of these a try – all free in the App Store.



Units has a very simple, text-based interface and can handle, according to iTunes, “over 800 units across 43 different categories… including Speed, Time, Length, Volume, Area, Power, Temperature, Fuel Consumption, Clothing & Shoe Sizes and loads more!” Units is also able to convert over 88 currencies with up to the minute rates.  You can pick and choose the most common, or needed, units you will use to help avoid cluttering the app.  Units also included a built in ruler for quick measurements (up to the size of your screen).

Convert Any Unit

Convert Any Unit is another simple interface where you can enter a value, then type in the unit you would like to convert from and then to.  As you type, the most likely unites will populate in a list that you can choose from – and only the first letter or two are needed, to help avoid spelling errors.  There is a list option available to find the units you need, and you can save and organize favorites of your most commonly used conversions.

Convert Units Free

Convert Units Free is a little more graphic oriented than the first two apps today.  You use a dial to select the units you want to convert from (on the left) and to (on the right). In the center of the app is a button that allows you to choose from 14 different categories to convert.  Convert Units Free even allows for you to customize units and conversions, making this a very versatile app.

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