Crime and Social Media — Infographic

27 Feb

20 Cases Solved by Facebook

Social media sites are everywhere and in all aspects of our lives now.  Aside from being great ways to connect with family, old friends and colleagues, and to network professionally, many other agencies and companies are tapping into its power.  Sometimes they work primarily to convey information, but some law enforcement agencies have used social media, and Facebook in particular to help them solve crime.  Today’s infographic highlights some examples of their success. [VIA]

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One response to “Crime and Social Media — Infographic

  1. timeforarealchange201

    February 27, 2013 at 1:44 pm

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    The crime in social media has got completely out of hand. Some of the problems with controlling crime is that the internet is hard to control. People can put absolutely anything on it no matter if is legal, illegal, or extremely hurtful. There have been instances were people have put extremely hurtful comments up on Facebook which resulted in people committing suicide. When will this stop it is getting out of hand.


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