Twas but a small hiatus…

08 Oct

A Couple Life Changes…

I’ve felt bad over the past coupe months that I have not been able to update the site and add new materials and recommendations.  Since mid-July I have been in the middle of a bit of a career crisis/awakening as it were.  The school district I had been working in had chosen another direction for the library services we were offering and was drastically cutting service to a majority of the students.  Unfortunately I was unable to reconcile this with my own philosophy of presenting dynamic, cutting edge technological and print resources for students and teachers alike.

While I hated leaving what I had built over the past six years, the opportunity presented itself to move on to a new district, much closer to home, and eager to bring 21st century education into their Library Media Center and classrooms and I jumped at the opportunity.  As a result, my work on this site had lagged a bit as things got sorted out.

I am very happy to say that I am now fully immersed in my new district, and while still getting my feet wet learning all the new names, procedures, and collection, I am ready to jump back into working on providing more sites and materials for you through NJBiblio.

Thank you for all the support over the past year as I ventured out into the world of the blogosphere and for the continued support as I get back into the swing of things here and fully into the swing in my new Library Media Center.

All the best for continued success,


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