Free SMS Generator — Create Historical and Fictional Texts

17 Oct

SMS (Text Message) Generator

This is a fun little tool that allows students to create fictional text message conversations between fictional or historical characters.  The Classtools SMS Generator does not require students to register or log in and is fairly simple to use.  Simply click on the left hand text bubble icon (gray) to initiate the conversation, then on the right hand text bubble (green) to reply.  Once finished, students can save their conversation to the Classtools server (with a password and unique URL for further editing) or by clicking on the sprocket icon, they can get an embed code, direct link, or QR code for sharing.

The Classtools SMS Generator is great way to get students thinking about how historical or fictional figures would be thinking and having conversations themselves, as well as providing a unique alternate assessment tool to check for understanding of text or events.  Imagine Romeo and Juliet’s conversations if they were only texting!

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