EnviroMysteries — Interactive Health and Science

12 Nov


Geared toward middle grade students, EnviroMysteries provides a series of three video sets and interactive activities that help students understand various complex health and environmental issues that affect us all.

Water + ? = Trouble:  This module is a series of videos where students are able to watch the discovery of and investigation of a mysterious waterborne illness.  As the investigation proceeds, students will learn about the properties of water, different waterborne illnesses, and the need for water purification in the face of increased pollution.

Breaking the Mold:  This video series traced the discovery of mold spores and the illnesses that result in the home.  Students will learn how to identify mold when it appears in the home or other buildings and ways to remove the dangerous mold and prevent its spread and reoccurrence.

Inside Stories: A fully interactive investigation that places students in the middle of a health center where four individuals are facing four very distinct and relevant health issues. Students can view each of the four stories and read through the problems, read supporting documents, and then help work out a solution for the problem.  As they read and research, students are exposed to the health issues of skin cancer, the importance of a good diet, asthma, and lead poisoning.  As each story is different, and there are different ways to solve the problems, each trip through the Inside Stories can be very different.


EnviroMysteries is a great introduction to various environmental and health issues.  Every module and lesson comes with complete lesson plans, teacher resources, and student handouts and assessments.

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