Book Review Policy & Rating Scale

Review Policy

I am an independent reviewer and am open to reviewing advanced or currently published copies of the following genres:

  • Young Adult
  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopian Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Steampunk Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Nonfiction (preferably US History, Sports, Pop Culture, and Reference)
  • Anything else — as long as your book sounds interesting to me!

I prefer ebooks, and my preferred formats are .mobi or .pdf for these. I will, however, accept physical copies as well. I cannot accept all review requests, but will do my best to get one for you in a timely manner if I do accept, and I will always be honest in my reviews. I am more than willing to accept requests from independent publishers, but if they’re not in the genres that I mentioned above, requests will probably be turned down.

Rating System

I work on a simple zero to five star system:

FIVE STARS = I absolutely loved your book and would recommend it without hesitation.

FOUR STARS = I enjoyed your book, but found issue with some aspects, but not enough to completely lost interest.

THREE STARS = I thought your book was OK, and there were a more than a few things I had issue with and would recommend it sparingly

TWO STARS = I could not get into your book. I would recommend it to completists, or hardcore fans only, if at all.

ONE STAR = I did not like your book. I would have issues with it that would prevent me from recommending it to anyone.

NO STARS = Your book was so bad, I couldn’t finish it. (this is rare)

All reviews are posted here, to Goodreads, LibraryThing, Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble as applicable. If you have another site you want reviews posted to please let me know.


I am available for guest posts and blog tours. Please contact me via email (NJBiblio at for details.


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