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Twas but a small hiatus…

A Couple Life Changes…

I’ve felt bad over the past coupe months that I have not been able to update the site and add new materials and recommendations.  Since mid-July I have been in the middle of a bit of a career crisis/awakening as it were.  The school district I had been working in had chosen another direction for the library services we were offering and was drastically cutting service to a majority of the students.  Unfortunately I was unable to reconcile this with my own philosophy of presenting dynamic, cutting edge technological and print resources for students and teachers alike.

While I hated leaving what I had built over the past six years, the opportunity presented itself to move on to a new district, much closer to home, and eager to bring 21st century education into their Library Media Center and classrooms and I jumped at the opportunity.  As a result, my work on this site had lagged a bit as things got sorted out.

I am very happy to say that I am now fully immersed in my new district, and while still getting my feet wet learning all the new names, procedures, and collection, I am ready to jump back into working on providing more sites and materials for you through NJBiblio.

Thank you for all the support over the past year as I ventured out into the world of the blogosphere and for the continued support as I get back into the swing of things here and fully into the swing in my new Library Media Center.

All the best for continued success,


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ARC Review: The Shadow King by Jo Marchant

My Review of The Shadow King: The Bizarre Afterlife of King Tut’s Mummy on my companion site, NJBiblio Reads.

NJBiblio Reads

The Shadow King: The Bizarre Afterlife of King Tut’s Mummy

The Shadow King by Jo Marchant. June 2013. Da Capo Press, 320 p. $26.99ISBN: 9780306821332

More than 3,000 years ago, King Tutankhamun’s desiccated body was lovingly wrapped and sent into the future as an immortal god. After resting undisturbed for more than three millennia, King Tut’s mummy was suddenly awakened in 1922. Archaeologist Howard Carter had discovered the boy-king’s tomb, and the soon-to-be famous mummy’s story—even more dramatic than King Tut’s life—began.

The mummy’s “afterlife” is a modern story, not an ancient one. Award-winning science writer Jo Marchant traces the mummy’s story from its first brutal autopsy in 1925 to the most recent arguments over its DNA. From the glamorous treasure hunts of the 1920s to today’s high-tech scans in volatile modern Egypt, Marchant introduces us to the brilliant and sometimes flawed people who have devoted their lives to revealing…

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Hello world!

Welcome to what hopefully will soon become a daily series of tech tips and fun websites you can use with your classes.  Working for a small K-12 school district, technology challenges abound, but the hope here is to give students and teachers a little bit of a bookshelf so to speak to help integrate technology into their lessons and study.

With each post, the goal is to provide you with something that is ready to use right away with students in virtually any classroom.  Of course, some assumptions about the technology available to you will be made, namely that there is an Internet-accessible computer in the room and some ability to project that or any screen to the class.  Tips on how you can use a site, app, or other piece of technology will also be provided, but it you think of anything else, or anything new, please, let me know and I will pass that along — with proper credit of course!! 🙂

Hopefully you will find this a useful reference for yourself, your colleagues, and students and please pass the word!


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