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Ancient Rome: City of Firsts — Infographic

Ancient Rome: Supercity of Firsts

The city of Ancient Rome has always been the city that others aspire to become.  It is always amazing to me how a city thousands of years old was able to actually be so modern in many aspects.  Today’s inforgraphic highlights some of the many mainstays in city living that we take for granted today that had their origins in Ancient Rome, such as apartment living, shopping malls, daily mail delivery, running water, and even trash collection.  [VIA]

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Art of the Day – 5/23/13 (The Slave Market, Gustave Boulanger, c.1882)

Daily Artwork — “The Slave Market, c. 1882”

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an artwork critique.

[This work] depicts a Ancient Roman slave auction. It shows the marketing of seven young people, ranging in age from children to young adults, as slaves. Both male slaves, as well as three of the female slaves, bear a similarity in appearance perhaps suggesting that they are members of a family forced into slavery by economic conditions. All are wearing tags to indicate their availability as slaves. The taller, standing, young woman is wearing a translucent garment which clearly shows her breasts and pubic hair–she is trying to shield her eyes, perhaps because her potential buyers include former friends and neighbors, who are probably seeing her nude for the first time. The auctioneer eats his lunch with a very casual attitude. (From Wikipaintings)

c. 1882 — The Slave Market. Oil on canvas. Orientalism style. Gustave Boulanger (1824-1888). Private Collection.

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Rome: Supercity — Infographic

Rome: the Supercity

Ancient Rome was once the most powerful empire in the world, covering almost the entirety of Western Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.  The seat of power for much of the empire’s existence was the city of Rome itself, unequaled in splendor in the ancient world and a city that saw a great deal of “firsts” that still exist in our modern cities.  Today’s infographic details many of these first and other impressive and astounding facts about the supercity of Rome.  [VIA]

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