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Creative Routines – Infographic

Creative Routines

We often wonder how some of the most successful and prolific people in the world can do all that they do in 24 hours.  We have those same hours in which to work, play, exercise, and sleep, but what makes them different?  Oftentimes it’s their daily routine.  Today’s infographic takes a look at the average daily routine for some of history’s most creative writers, scientists, and composers to see just how they were able to accomplish what they did in a day.

Included in the graphic are:

Gustave Flaubert
Ludwig Van Beethoven
W.A. Mozart
Thomas Mann
Sigmund Freud
Immanuel Kant
Maya Angelou
John Milton
Honore de Balzac
Victor Hugo
Charles Dickens
W.H. Auden
Charles Darwin
P.I. Tchaikovsky
Le Corbusier
Benjamin Franklin


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