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Greatest Explorers of the Past 100 Years – Infographic

Greatest Modern Explorers

Often when we hear about explorers we tend to thing of men like Columbus, Magellan, and Cortes from the Age of Exploration, not men and women from the twentieth century — not unless they had been shot into space!  I mean how much land was really left unexplored in the past 100 years?  It turns out that there was much more than I though!  Today’s infographic helps to show visually the areas that were explored the most in the past 100 years, the major accomplishments of these explorers and great mini-biographies of the same. [VIA]

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People HD — Brief Biography App

People HD

If you are looking for a nice, simple app for biographies, you might want to check out People HD.  There is nothing flashy about this app, but it does provide short and simply written biographies of over 100 key figures from world history.  Personalities as diverse as Joseph Stalin and John Lennon or Stephen Hawking and Confucius are included and all time periods and careers are included as well.

People HD allows students to select an individual and read a short one page biography, see a timeline of their life, and read select quotes from the individual.  While this is not a treasure trove of information by any stretch, People HD would serve as a great introduction to some of these personalities, as a lesson supplement,  or as a way for students to narrow choices for research topics, or for reading more in-depth biographies of these individuals.

The developers of People HD are always looking including more biographies, so keep an eye out for more updates!

Also of interest:

Portraits HD – From the same developer, this app includes more detailed portraits of the individuals included in the People HD app.

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Biography Base

Biography Base

Another quick hit with a database for you today, this time for biographies and biographical information.  The Biography Base is a fantastic resource for students to find short biographical sketches and additional resources on key figures from history, pop culture, sports, the arts, and more.

Over 5400 biographies are available in Biography Base and the database is fully searchable, can be browsed by name, and is completely free to use.  Biography Base is the perfect tool to have in your box when you are looking for quick, reliable research.

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