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9 Interesting Facts About Cancer – Infographic

9 Interesting Facts About Cancer

February 4, 2014 marks World Cancer Day, a day to teach and learn about cancer, dispelling any rumors and misconceptions about the disease.  In anticipation, today’s infographic helps to point out some interesting facts and figures about cancer that you may not have known. [VIA]

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The Rise in Skin Cancer – Infographic

Rise in Skin Cancer

With the “unofficial start of summer” only a week away, more and more of us will probably be spending more time in the sun.  One of the downsides to this exposure to the sun is that it opens us up to more risk of developing skin cancer.  Unfortunately, even with all the literature, studies, and effort to inform the public about the dangers, diagnosed cases of skin cancer are on the rise in the United States.  Today’s infographic outlines this rise, the risk factors for contracting skin cancer, and how you can work to prevent it. [VIA]

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