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Evolution of Wolverine – Infographic

Evolution of the Wolverine

Just a fun infographic for this sweltering Friday!  Superheroes and comics have always been a hobby of mine and the X-Men, and especially Wolverine, have been my favorites for as long as I can remember.  Even I forgot how many times his costume has changed over the years though….almost as many as Batman’s!!  Created by, this infographic is just in time for the new Wolverine movie hitting theaters next week! [VIA]

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The Science Behind Superheroes – Infographic

Superhero Science

Have you ever wondered just how “super” super-strength is, or how many calories you would have to consume to keep up with the Flash, or how realistic Spiderman’s wall-climbing abilities are?  Today’s infographic takes a quick look at some of the science behind the capes and masks. [VIA]


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