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The Largest Employers in Every State — Infographic

The Largest Employers in Every State

If you have ever wondered what single business or entity employed the most people in your state, here’s a great map made by reddit user /u/iliadmusic in conjunction with Olivet Nazerene University.  Each employer is shown, and where there is no single employer with more workers than active military personnel in the state, that is shown as well.  Just look how Wal-Mart absolutely dominates the South!!  [VIA]

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How Coffee Changed America — Infographic


Java.  Joe.  Mud.  The “hot stuff”.  Espresso.  Cappuccino.  Latte.  Mocha…No matter what you call it or how you take it (cream and sugar, please!)  coffee is one of those little concoctions that many of us cannot live without.  However, have you ever thought about just how this tasty, tasty beverage has become such an integral part of our daily routine?  Today’s infographic helps to shed a little light on that as well as providing a good history of coffee in America.  [VIA]

How Coffee Changed America


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