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The Meaning Behind Famous Symbols — Infographic

The Meaning Behind Famous Symbols

We see symbols everywhere, and they have a language and meaning all their own.  From the more established (and famous) as shown below, to the emojis of today, we use symbols all the time to convey messages in a simple, concise way.  But where did some of these long-established and well-known symbols originate and what do they really mean?  [VIA]

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Say What You Mean – Infographic

Using Body Language to Send a Message

All five of our senses help to determine our perceptions about people and everything else in the world around us.  Over 80% of these are taken in through our eyes.  As a result, a great deal of our communication with others is not only through conversation but is also very visual.  Our body language says much, mu8ch more sometimes than words can.  Today’s infographic helps to show some of the “dos and don’ts” when it comes to body language and how to become a more effective communicator by following a few little tips. [VIA]

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Stone Age Jottings – Infographic

Stone Age Jottings (Cave Writing)

Archaeologists and anthropologists have found prehistoric, Stone Age cave dwellings all around the world, many up to 25,000 years old.  Each is unique and show the living conditions of the people native to that area, including artifacts and artwork.  They have discovered as well that much of the artwork in these caves is similar, and the symbols used in them are almost universal.  Today’s infographic from New Scientist shows what these common symbols are and where they have been found.  It makes you wonder if this is a prehistoric form of writing and communication, or a hefty coincidence.

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