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Photo of the Day – 12/08/16 (“Country Store”, 1939 – 2 Views)

Daily Photo — “Country Store, 1939”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis.

Here are two different views of the same country store in rural North Carolina in 1939.  This is a wonderful pair as you can compare and contrast not only the two images taken at different times from just about the same position, but also it speaks volumes to the conditions in the South at the time both racially and economically.  Plus, I absolutely LOVE all the advertisements and background details.  Thanks to Google Maps, you can also see what it looks like today!


July 1939. Gordonton, N.C. “Country store on dirt road. Sunday afternoon. Note kerosene pump on the right and the gasoline pump on the left. Rough, unfinished timber posts have been used as supports for porch roof. Negro men sitting on the porch. Brother of store owner stands in doorway.” 4×5 nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration. 

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July 1939. “Daughter of white tobacco sharecropper at country store. Person County, North Carolina.” Medium-format nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange. 

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Then and Now – 1913 v. 2013 – Infographic

1913 v. 2013

As we approach the halfway point of 2013, let’s take a look back at life today compared to that of 100 years ago.  We’re beginning to enter an age now when 100 years ago was relatively modern by most standards in technology and entertainment, leading to many more tangible comparisons we can easily relate to, or even have access to, such as the top movies or songs.  Today’s infographic gives us a snapshot of life as it is today in 2013 and was in 1913 in the United States.

100 Years of Change


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