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The Most Prolific Serial Killer in Each State — Infographic

The Most Prolific Serial Killer in Each State

Taking a turn to the dark side today, we look at serial killers, or mass murderers.  If you’ve ever seen, or heard of, Criminal Minds, then you know that at any time there is suspected to be a bevy of killers roaming the country. Not to say that everyone you meet is a potential serial killer, but there is a great deal of evil running around out there, and as today’s infographic shows — no state is immune! [VIA]

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Crime and Social Media — Infographic

20 Cases Solved by Facebook

Social media sites are everywhere and in all aspects of our lives now.  Aside from being great ways to connect with family, old friends and colleagues, and to network professionally, many other agencies and companies are tapping into its power.  Sometimes they work primarily to convey information, but some law enforcement agencies have used social media, and Facebook in particular to help them solve crime.  Today’s infographic highlights some examples of their success. [VIA]

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