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The History of Money — Infographic

The History of Money

I want money, lots and lots of money!

Since the beginning of time, mankind has used some form of currency, whether it be trading goods you had for something of your neighbors, to precious metals and paper notes, to new electronic forms of payment.  Whatever your preferred method of paying, the need for money in some way, shape, or form is unavoidable and throughout history has constantly changed.  Today’s infographic walks us through a brief history of the money we use and have used in the past.  [VIA]

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Happy Holidays!

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Evolution of the Hundred Dollar Bill – Infographic

Evolution of the Hundred Dollar Bill

Did you know that at one point Abraham Lincoln was on the $100 bill, and not Benjamin Franklin?  Did you know that at one point Benjamin Franklin was on the bill, only to be bumped by Thomas Hart Benton (among others)? Today’s infographic celebrates the new $100 bill redesign, one that includes:

” a blue security ribbon, consisting of hundreds of thousands of microlenses used to determine the note’s authenticity. Additionally, the new $100 bill features a copper-colored inkwell. Inside the inkwell is a Liberty Bell, which changes from copper to green (depending on your perspective)”.  Things sure have changes in the past 150 years….[VIA]

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