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History of Inclusion Education — Infographic

Inclusion Education in the United States

“Inclusive education is a process where by the school systems, strategic plans, and policies adapt and change to include teaching strategies for a wider more diverse range of children and their families.  Inclusive education implicitly means to identify a child’s learning style and adapt the classroom and teaching strategies to ensure high quality learning outcomes for all members of the class.” (Senese Inclusive Education)

Anyone familiar with education in the United States is very familiar with the concept of inclusion, and many of us have taught in inclusion classrooms.  But how have we gotten from the 1972 Mills v. Board of Education decision that ruled children with disabilities could not be excluded from public schools to the current version of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA)?  Today’s infographic helps explain that.

University of New England Online Masters in Education

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Electing a New Pope — Infographic

The Election of the Pope

At 8 pm Rome time Pope Benedict XVI will step down, beginning the ancient tradition of the Conclave of the Cardinals to elect his successor.  Today’s infographic breaks down some of the numbers and facts about the Conclave and this process and also highlights some of the Cardinals considered to be Benedict’s likely successor. [VIA: Al Jazeera News]

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Crime and Social Media — Infographic

20 Cases Solved by Facebook

Social media sites are everywhere and in all aspects of our lives now.  Aside from being great ways to connect with family, old friends and colleagues, and to network professionally, many other agencies and companies are tapping into its power.  Sometimes they work primarily to convey information, but some law enforcement agencies have used social media, and Facebook in particular to help them solve crime.  Today’s infographic highlights some examples of their success. [VIA]

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Playing History — A Source for Historical Games

Playing History

If you’ve been looking at ways to try livening up your lessons, some alternate assessments, or if you have some of that ever elusive spare time in your lesson planning, you might want to take a peek at Playing History.

Playing History advertises itself as a source for historical games, but you’re not going to find old versions of Pong, Pac-Man, Mario, or even Final Fantasy here (thought you can still die of dysentery in the original Oregon Trail!).  All the games on Playing History are centered on key events or concepts in history – primarily American and British – with the other social sciences mixed in throughout.

Close to 130 games are available and the front page of Playing History allows you to pinpoint areas of interest through a prominent tag cloud or you could search and/or browse all the games to find something appropriate for your classes.  A free registration allows you to rate and review the games as well, but these are not limited to educators so take them with a grain of salt.

Make sure that you test any of the games on Playing History before using them with class to ensure they are appropriate for your students and that they will work on your systems.  Just remember that any flash-based games will not work on Apple products like an iPad.

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Video of the Day – 2/25/13 (The (Secret) City of London)

Daily Video — The (Secret) City of London

I was astounded by today’s video and the history tidbits I picked up!  I never knew that there was a “secret”, autonomous City of London within the city of London!! (Note the capitalization, it’s important.)  Learn about this small city within a city , how it came to be, and how it remains independent even to this day.

All videos are owned by their respective YouTube channels and users and are embedded here for your benefit and use in class in compliance with the appropriate copyright provisions.
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Pocket Law Firm — Constitutional Law App

Pocket Law Firm

With so much in the news lately about the Second Amendment and gun rights as well as general questions about the Constitutionality of pieces of legislation and the general rights that Americans enjoy, students need to be made aware of what rights they do and do not have under the Constitution and Pocket Law Firm can help.

Pocket Law Firm is an iPad only app that according to iTunes lets students “decide if potential clients have a right, match them with the right lawyer, and win the case. The more clients you serve and the more cases you win, the faster your law firm grows!”

The gameplay is very straight forward and similar to other games where you have to perform tasks in a certain amount of time   What is unique about Pocket Law Firm is that as a client enters the office to be paired with a lawyer, students have to determine whether or not they have a Constitutional right, given the case, and then they pair them with a lawyer who is an expert in that portion of the Constitution.  Cases are won and lost based on the proper assessment of a right and pairing with a lawyer.

As you progress through Pocket Law Firm, the lawyers attain new skills in Constitutional law and new lawyers with different skills can be added. Each case, when won or lost, also includes an explanation of the actual rights as defined by the Constitution and sometimes corresponding cases for further research.

I highly recommend Pocket Law Firm as not only a fun game, but also as a tool to allow students to assess cases based on the Constitution and to study where in the US Constitution those rights are granted or protected.

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Teachable Moment — Free Current Events Lessons

Teachable Moment

Teachable Moment

Working with current events can sometimes be a daunting thing for teachers.  The news is constantly changing and active and when do we find the time to scour the news, find good materials then develop the lesson plans around it?  Teachable Moment might be the solution for you.

Run by the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, the Teachable Moment is a series of content and lesson plans, complete with discussion questions and activities for you to use in the classroom.  You can choose from three areas on Teachable Moment that you would like to address:  Current Events, Social and Emotional Learning, or Classroom Resources and Ideas.  Within each, you can narrow the subject of the lessons to specific events or broader topics that you would like to discuss in class.  All of the Teachable Moment lessons are free to use in class and are available for general Elementary, Middle, and High School levels.

Teachable Moment is definitely worth a look if your students are interested in current events, or if you are in need of quick and easy lessons to address specific issues in your class or school.  Most of the lessons are geared to teaching social responsibility and character development as well, so there is a definite added bonus when you need to integrate these components into lessons.

Make sure you bookmark Teachable Moment and check back often as new lessons are added almost daily as world events change and new materials become available.  As we are all aware – you never know when that Teachable Moment may strike!

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How Coffee Changed America — Infographic


Java.  Joe.  Mud.  The “hot stuff”.  Espresso.  Cappuccino.  Latte.  Mocha…No matter what you call it or how you take it (cream and sugar, please!)  coffee is one of those little concoctions that many of us cannot live without.  However, have you ever thought about just how this tasty, tasty beverage has become such an integral part of our daily routine?  Today’s infographic helps to shed a little light on that as well as providing a good history of coffee in America.  [VIA]

How Coffee Changed America


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Honeybee Extinction — Infographic

Honeybee Extinction

For several years, the US and Canada have seen a mysterious and sharp decline in the population of honeybees.  Why is this happening?  How fast is the die-off occurring?  What would the impact on the environment and economy be if the bees indeed went extinct?  Today’s infographic addresses these questions. [Via]

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