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The World as 100 People — Infographic

The World as 100 People Over the Last Two Centuries

Looking at the world as 100 people, (or a percentage of the population), we can see very interesting trends and shifts around the world in many areas.  Each of the graphic in today’s graphic are also interactive on the source site,  There you can see others as well such as population distributions, levels of education, and political regimes (aside from the shown “democracies”.  [VIA]

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How To Think Visually — Infographic

How to Think Visually

One of the most effective ways to present data and information is by using visual aids.  This is why infographics are so popular!  Did you realize just how many options there are, however?  I am sure you and your students are familiar with many of these methods presented below. We tend to fall into a rut sometimes however, sticking to those visuals we find comfortable while there might be better methods to present the data and this might give you some alternative ideas.  Anna Vital has created this wonderful visual to present different visual presentations (talk about meta!).  Make sure you visit her page here as she also summarizes each of the 72 visual analogies presented and how to best use them in presenting information.

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