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Famous Brands That Have Undergone Successful Name Changes — Infographic

20 Famous Brands That Have Undergone Successful Name Changes

Yesterday we took a look at how the logos of some famous corporations and brands have changed over the years, and you may have notices that some, like IBM and Firefox were radically different from their first to most recent logo.  This isn’t because of a simple drastic re-design, but because those companies actually changed their names along the line. There are many reasons why companies and their brands will change names, usually because of a merger or sale along the way.  In some cases the loss of a familiar name and iconic brand has sent consumers looking elsewhere, but in some cases, as shown here, they become much more successful than ever.  [VIA]

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The Architecture of American Houses — Infographic

The Architecture of American Houses

From Postmedieval homes in the new colonies, to the McMansions that have sprung up in the last decades to everything in between, the architecture of the American home is a very interesting journey.  This infographic hits just about every style of home in the past 400+ years since the founding of Jamestown, Virginia to now.  What’s your favorite?  [VIA]

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Baseball’s Many Dimensions – Infographic

Baseball’s Many Physical Dimensions

Unlike most professional sports, there has never been a standard size for an entire baseball field.  Outside of the rules stating that there are 90 feet between bases and that the pitching rubber must be 60 feet, 6 inches from home plate the rest of the field is fair game.  This leads to some very interesting configurations and looks to different stadiums.  What was once a product of placement (both Fenway Park and Wrigley Field were build on existing asymmetrical city blocks) has now given way to intentionally designed asymmetry as seen in Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, or perfect symmetry like that in the Rogers Centre in Toronto (one of only two MLB parks still using Astroturf — the other being Tropicana Field in Tampa).  Today’s infographic takes a look at all these unique parks, including an overlay to show how most are actually quite similar as well — until you hit those tricky outfield corners that is!   [VIA]

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Color & Emotion Guide — Infographic

Color, Emotion, and Logos

Today’s infographic helps to illustrate the meaning and emotions conveyed by certain colors. It also highlights some corporate logos that utilize these colors to tap into these subconscious meanings. How many logos and companies have been successful in tapping into these emotions with their color schemes? [VIA]

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Video of the Day – 3/27/13 (The Art of Web Design)

Daily Video — “The Art of Web Design”

Today’s video from PBS covers the basic elements of how to design an appealing website.  A brief history of web design from HTML through CSS and Javascript is included, as well as why some elements of webpages are more appealing than others to the users.  This is a great brief intro to web design for marketing or business students, as well as programmers.

All videos are owned by their respective YouTube channels and users and are embedded here for your benefit to use in class in compliance with the appropriate copyright provisions.
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Color Theory — Infographic

Color Theory 

Today’s infographic is a nice, concise explanation of color theory for art students, graphic designers, and anyone would would like to unleash the power and meaning of color. [VIA]

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