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Video of the Day – 11/22/15 (Disease in History)

Daily Video — “Disease!”

From the Crash Course YouTube Channel today’s video looks at the role communicable diseases have played in history. From how they were dealt with and treated (or not) to the role they have played in shaping major events, these little bugs are more powerful than you can imagine!

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Deadliest Pandemics – Infographic

Outbreak! The World’s Deadliest Pandemics

Since the beginning of recorded history through today, mankind has dealt with deadly disease.  When the number of people afflicted by a specific disease exceed the expected norm of recent history, it is classified as an epidemic.  When that disease begins to affect a significant population, it can be classified as a pandemic.  Today’s infographic examines some of the deadliest pandemics in world history, some of which have died out or been cured but others still haunt us today. [VIA]

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