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Where Did All This Traffic Come From? — Infographic

Where Did All This Traffic Come From?

If you’ve driven, especially around big cities, you’ve hit traffic.  Sometimes it’s very easy to see where it comes from — construction, an accident, a rogue bull(!), but other times, it’s a total mystery.  How does that happen?  Today’s infographic sheds some light on how one small action by a couple drivers can have a big impact on the entire traffic pattern.  [VIA]

If this is interesting to you and you’d like to experiment further or get more information, check out today’s website and video posts too!

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Drunk Driving Facts – Infographic

Drunk Driving

As many high school around the nation are hosting their proms in the coming weeks (ours is Friday!) and generally with summer upon us, I felt that today’s infographic would be especially relevant.  I cannot stress enough the dangers that alcohol and motor vehicles pose when put together and encourage everyone to always be responsible and safe, no matter what you do!

Drunk Driving Facts


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