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The Lasting Lessons of Mr. Rogers – Infographic

The Lasting Lessons of Mr. Rogers

From 1968-2001, Fred McFeely Rogers entered the living rooms and the hearts of generations of young children, myself included.  There are still many days that I find myself thinking of Mr. Rogers, singing or humming “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”, or remembering some of the funny quirks and lessons that were taught through Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Today’s infographic is a little walk down memory lane for some, and new exposure to others about the timeless lessons that Mr. Rogers taught us all.  [VIA]

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How Is Media Affecting Kids? – Infographic

How Is Media Affecting Kids?

Media and technology are completely embedded in our lives today and we rely on it to such an extent that some people have even been known to show withdrawal symptoms if their cell phones are taken away!  Today’s youth are no exception to the rule, as they are exposed to these devices and the media from birth. Today’s infographic examines the effects of this exposure on children ages 0-8 and how it might be affecting their development.


How Is Media Affecting Kids?
Source: Early Childhood Education Degrees


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