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StoryMap JS — Maps That Tell Stories

StoryMap JS

Continuing with the cartography as writing theme from the previous Persuasive Cartography post, today here’s a tool for using maps to create a narrative journey through a historical event, movement, or even a fictional story.

StoryMap JS allows students to create their own narrative story line through cartography where they are able to chart a path anywhere in the world using real places, from a very broad jump between nations down to actual street addresses.

Have students use this tool to show understanding of the sequencing of events through history (i.e. the Lewis and Clark Expedition), to better visualize a work of fiction (for example, locations in On the Road), or even to create their own original work.  StoryMap allows students to imbed content from YouTube, Wikipedia, GoogleMaps, SoundCloud, or even original images to tell their story.  This can also be used as a stand alone alternative for collating resources on a topic with the added benefit of allowing readers to view the map and journey taken at the same time.

There are wonderful tips and tricks for helping keep maps stories simple yet informative, and the creation interface is very simple and intuitive as well, making this a great alternative assessment for students as they don’t need to fully learn the tool before applying the content.

StoryMap Editor


Potential use in the classroom:  As an alternative to reading, collation of resources, or an alternative student assessment.

Recommended grade levels:  7-12 for creation, but any grade K-12 for simple visual learning.

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Education & Technology Through the Ages — Infographic

Education & Technology Through the Ages

We always say that we’re continually learning, and this has been true from pre-history on.  Whether it’s learning to walk, hunt, paint, or program a computer, learning has always been taking place.  It’s just the means and technologies that change over time.  [VIA]

Click image to enlarge

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How Has the Internet Changed Education? – Infographic

How Has the Internet Changed Education?

We can’t live our lives today without the Internet, that’s becoming very apparent.  In fact, I would wager to say that on any given day, each of you is carrying the Internet in your pocket in the form of a smartphone or some kind of tablet.  That is why I am such a strong proponent of integrating technology and Internet skills into our school curriculum.  If our students have these technologies and resources, it’s vital that they use this power for good and be taught its benefit in education as well as its proper use.

Today’s infographic helps to illustrate the magnitude to which the Internet has affected and influences education and therefore why it is vital to continue utilizing these tools in education. [VIA]

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iBrainstorm — Collaborative Creation App


Another in a great line of creation and creativity apps, iBrainstorm allows students to collaborate on projects through their iPads.  It is essentially a free form drawing and writing app that can allow students to set up flow charts and graphical designs, storyboard their creative writing, or even create notes or comics.

iBrainstorm allows multiple users to create place their ideas on the board as well as add annotations, suggestions and notes through a sticky-pad feature.  This is ideal for group collaborative projects and allowing students who might need the added help to map out their thoughts and ideas.

A sister app, iBrainstorm Companion is also available for the iPhone or iPod and allows up to 4 students to work on the same document at once.  They can add or create notes and pieces on their iPhone or iPod then “flick” them to the connected iPad to produce their final product.

iBrainstorm would be ideally used in a collaborative, project-based learning environment where students are comfortable with, and responsible enough, to use their own technology independently to produce great content.

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MyScript Calculator – Intuitive Handwritten Math App

MyScript Calculator

This is my new favorite app!  The MyScript Calculator is a unique tool that allows students to handwrite complex equations and formulas into their iPad or iPhone and obtain instant results.  Not only can this be used to perform simple arithmetic operations, but the MyScript Calculator can also handle more complex operations, including trigonometric functions, logarithms, and certain constant expressions.

From the developer, the full list of supported operators includes:

Basic operations: +, -, x, ÷, +/, 1/x
Misc. Operations: %, √, x!, |x|
x, xy , x2
Brackets: ( )
Trigonometry: cos, sin, tan
Inverse trigonometry: acos, asin, atan
Logarithms: ln , log
Constants: π,
, Phi.

One of the only drawbacks of the MyScript Calculator is that while the technology is intuitive, it is not perfect as assessing what students intend as they write.  Therefore, it is important that they try to do so neatly in the app.  Also, variables are not written as they would in a common algebraic expression.  For example, MyScript reads “x” as multiplication instead of a variable.  Simple single variable expressions can be solved but students need to use “?” as that variable, as opposed to letters.

The applications and advantages of this app are enormous, however.  Students who are unable (or unwilling) to use a basic calculator can try MyScript for a more tactile math experience.  This would also be a help to those students who need to solve more complex calculations that would be difficult with pen, paper, and a traditional calculator.  While MyScript will not, and should not, replace more traditional methods of computation and equation solving it is a fantastic tool to have in your belt.

MyScript for Android Devices

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Interactivate — Interactive Math Activities


Are you looking for ready-made, interactive lessons for teaching math?  Of course, we all love interactive activities so give Interactivate a try.

Interactivate focuses solely on teaching mathematical concepts and drills using interactive games, lessons, and activities.  Interactivate is divided into two sections, one for teachers and one for learners.  The teacher side of the site contains almost 200 lessons already built that will allow you to use the site and design your own interactive, hands-on activities for the classroom.  Interactivate’s discussion boards will help you connect to other math instructors utilizing their tools as well as how the activities align to Common Core and several state standards for mathematics instruction.

The learner side of Interactivate has close to 300 activities that students can browse by name or subjects ranging from basic math through calculus! A built in dictionary allows students to use Interactivate as their own online glossary for math terms and operations as well as links to tutorials explaining several mathematical concepts.  Interactivate also has over 100 tools available to use to experiment with different mathematical concepts and operations and to play with number manipulation.

Interactivate can be a wonderful tool to “mix it up” in your lesson plans, either in a one-to-one device setting, in small groups with students or with your class as a whole.  Students will love the interaction with the activities on the site, and administrators and teachers will love the level of technology integration available on one site.

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