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10 Commonly Misunderstood Words – Infographic

10 Commonly Misunderstood Words

All too often, we try to use words that will increase our vocabulary.  Students do this all the time, inserting what they believe are fantastic vocabulary words into papers to try to impress us, but sometimes they are using them in the wrong context, or really (“literally”) don’t understand the definition.  Today’s infographic looks at ten of the most commonly misunderstood and misused words in  the English language.  From the 90s pop song “Ironic” to an overuse of “literally” today to simply add emphasis, some words have truly evolved over time. [VIA]

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Free SMS Generator — Create Historical and Fictional Texts

SMS (Text Message) Generator

This is a fun little tool that allows students to create fictional text message conversations between fictional or historical characters.  The Classtools SMS Generator does not require students to register or log in and is fairly simple to use.  Simply click on the left hand text bubble icon (gray) to initiate the conversation, then on the right hand text bubble (green) to reply.  Once finished, students can save their conversation to the Classtools server (with a password and unique URL for further editing) or by clicking on the sprocket icon, they can get an embed code, direct link, or QR code for sharing.

The Classtools SMS Generator is great way to get students thinking about how historical or fictional figures would be thinking and having conversations themselves, as well as providing a unique alternate assessment tool to check for understanding of text or events.  Imagine Romeo and Juliet’s conversations if they were only texting!

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Photo of the Day – 5/31/13 (Forgotten 8 Ball, Ludlow, Colorado)

Daily Photo — “Forgotten 8 Ball, Ludlow, Colorado”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis.

Cracked 8 ball from a pool set found at the ghost town of Ludlow, Colorado, the site of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre.

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Creative Commons – Infographic

Creative Commons

Teaching and understanding copyright can be a tricky thing.  All too often we encounter those students who love to cut and paste text into a paper, change a couple of words and pass it on as their own which we know is blatant plagiarism.  Sometimes they will do this and either unintentionally forget to of attribute the work to the original author incorrectly.  In other cases, it’s not known whether or not a work is even allowed to be used or changed.  Add to this mix the concept of Creative Commons, a copyright and usage permissions vehicle that generally covers digital work and the task becomes even more precarious.

As more and more students are looking to and using online resources, it is important that they understand what is allowed and not allowed in terms of usage and copyright.  Today’s infographic takes a look at the most common licenses they may encounter with Creative Commons protected works.  This is vital to understand as these works are meant to be re-used and shared, but only under the proper terms and conditions.

What is Creative Commons?


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42: The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything – Infographic

The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

Anyone who is a fan of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy already knows and understands the significance of the number 42 (and why is it is extremely important to always have a towel!)If for some reason you don’t, may I highly recommend that you grab a copy and find out!  In honor of tomorrow’s annual Towel Day, a celebration of the life and work of Douglas Adam’s, today’s infographic helps to shed some light and explain the special meaning of the number 42 from all walks of life. Don’t Panic. [VIA]

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Reading for the Future – Infographic

Reading for the Future

As educators we all know the value of reading and of stressing good reading habits and strategies to our students.  We need to promote the love of reading and how to read, both for learning and pleasure, throughout their school years.  Today’s infographic shows how reading proficiency can affect a child’s life, some strategies for teaching good reading habits, and why third grade is the most important year in a student’s reading life. [VIA]

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19 Emotions Without English Words – Infographic

Emotions without English Equivalents

It seems today that there is a word for everything — and if there isn’t yet, someone will make one up!  Did you know, however, that there are 19 emotions that are recognized in other cultures that we have no words for in English?  Today’s infographic places these emotions on a spectrum with those that we are already familiar with.  It is an interesting study into the nuances not only of language and culture, but also of emotion to see the subtle differences that can arise from basic emotions and feelings that we all recognize. Sometimes it makes me a little jealous of Mr. Spock!! [VIA]

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