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Culturally Authentic Picture Lexicon

Culturally Authentic Picture Lexicon

The Culturally Authentic Picture Lexicon (CAPL) is a great site to use in classes to help students find pictures that are both authentic and appropriate from other cultures and countries.  All the photographs held in the database were taken by natives of the culture and are organized by language and also by region.  You can either browse or search the CAPL to find great photos from around the world.

One of the great benefits of the CAPL in education is that it can be used by teachers outside of simply being another repository for photos.  Each picture is cataloged by language and region and contains both an English description and foreign language translation.  This is an excellent way to infuse your world language curriculum into searching and project creation.

Another way many educators use the CAPL is to have students use the photos as writing prompts in world history and cultures classes, to recreate the images in art classes, to identify plants and animals in science, or to address cultural differences in Social Studies classes.  The CAPL is a perfect accompaniment to a Project-Based Learning environment with endless cross-curricular possibilities.

Last, but not least, check out the Pictolang Tab on CAPL as well.  This will take you to a sister site where students can play four different games that use the CAPL’s photos:

  • Visual Word Trainer – Turns the photos into flash cards so students can practice or learn vocabulary
  • Picture Match Game – Given 8 images, students choose the photo that matches the word or phrase caption and are given immediate feedback.
  • Word Match Game – Students see one image and find the appropriate caption or vocabulary word from 8 choices, again with immediate feedback
  • Analyst Game – Students are given one image and then match the corresponding culture from 8 choices.

I highly recommend giving CAPL a try for both your world language classes, as well as social studies can history classes where you are looking for fun, exciting ways to incorporate real world images and examples for students that infuse and are steeped in modern culture.

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Digital Dialects – Games for 60 World Languages

Digital Dialects

Finding resources for World Languages online that are fully interactive, a bit immersive, and not geared solely to ESL students can be a little difficult.  If you are having the same difficulty, you might be interested in Digital Dialects.

Digital Dialects offers several flash-based interactive games to help you learn some of the basics of a language.  Whether you want to use them in class or on your own to get a taste of a foreign language these games are all fast and fun.  Offering 60 languages to choose from, Digital Dialects has games for learning the languages’ numbers, colors, days of the week, and basic vocabulary.  Some are more extensive than others, so all modules may not be available for all languages.

Digital Dialects is a great tool to have to give students who might need a little more reinforcement in their studies, or even for you to get a little flavor of the language before delving deeper into your personal studies through another program.

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