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Video of the Day – 5/9/13 (Why Music Moves Us)

Daily Video — “Why Music Moves Us

Today’s video from the PBS Digital Studios series examines the affect music has on us biologically.  Learn about the evolutionary advantage music had for humans, how emotions are tied to and come from music and other sounds and situations that may do the same.  Also included are different psychological experiments conducted with music that are very interesting.

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19 Emotions Without English Words – Infographic

Emotions without English Equivalents

It seems today that there is a word for everything — and if there isn’t yet, someone will make one up!  Did you know, however, that there are 19 emotions that are recognized in other cultures that we have no words for in English?  Today’s infographic places these emotions on a spectrum with those that we are already familiar with.  It is an interesting study into the nuances not only of language and culture, but also of emotion to see the subtle differences that can arise from basic emotions and feelings that we all recognize. Sometimes it makes me a little jealous of Mr. Spock!! [VIA]

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