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A Pair Fitness Apps for Physical Education

Fitness Apps


Lose It!

This week I began my most recent foray into the world of losing more weight and a friend turned me onto the Lose It! App to help me keep track of my caloric intake and exercise.  I thought this would be great for students dealing with nutritional issues, or as a study of their intake as well for discussions and projects for a health or PE class.  Not only does it allow you to enter your meals and count calories, but you can track weight loss (or gain if you need to) and also keep tabs on a variety of exercises.  Use this as a way to help students understand the benefits of a balanced diet or to see just how much they may be taking in through snacking and idle eating.


I love this app (and family of apps) too, and have used the MapMyFitness set for a long time.  No matter what exercise you want to so, be it a run, walk, bike ride, or general fitness, this app will keep track of the route you have taken, time taken to complete the route, splits for mileage, and calories burned during your workout.  This would be a fantastic way to have students in a gym class track their pace and personal times on the track running or walking the mile, or even as a homework assignment for physical education where they need to complete a short walk or jog at home.  The GPS tracker in MapMyFitness is free, and students can complete the same routes over and over again, making it an excellent way to track progress.


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