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How to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey — Infographic

How to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Hopefully you’ve gotten your bird, and have started thawing it, as Thanksgiving is only a few days away!  While it’s all about family, food, football, and fun in  my house, it’s important that everything is done safely.  Today’s infographic gives a great overview of cooking that bird, and doing it safely for your family’s feast!   [VIA]

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Shelf Life of Food — Infographic

The Shelf Life of Food

We’ve all done it — you go on a shopping spree at the grocery store and buy all kinds of goodies, but a few weeks (or months!) later you find something in the back of the fridge and can’t remember, or tell, if it’s still god or not.  Today’s infographic puts most of the commonly used grocery items to the test, giving you their estimated lifespan on the shelf, refrigerator, and freezer (if you can freeze it). Don’t worry though, honey is still goof forever!  [VIA]

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