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50 Awesome Facts About Languages — Infographic

50 Awesome Facts About Languages

We all speak at least one, and some of us know dozens — even if you’re not aware of it!  Language, and communication in general, is a key to learning, living, and working in the world.  Today’s infographic gives several fun facts you may not have considered about the languages we know and speak.  [VIA]

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11 Untranslatable Words from Around the World – Infographic

11 Untranslatable Words from Around the World

“Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon the absolute truth.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The words we use have always been tied to our feelings, and linguists are constantly dissecting language to get to the heart of that relationship.  There are some feelings, however, that we just cannot put into words and that some cultures cannot identify.  Around the world, this is not always true and some cultures have been able to create single words for complex feelings.  Today’s infographic presents 11 of these words for more complex feelings or subtle actions from various cultures around the world. [VIA]

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19 Emotions Without English Words – Infographic

Emotions without English Equivalents

It seems today that there is a word for everything — and if there isn’t yet, someone will make one up!  Did you know, however, that there are 19 emotions that are recognized in other cultures that we have no words for in English?  Today’s infographic places these emotions on a spectrum with those that we are already familiar with.  It is an interesting study into the nuances not only of language and culture, but also of emotion to see the subtle differences that can arise from basic emotions and feelings that we all recognize. Sometimes it makes me a little jealous of Mr. Spock!! [VIA]

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That Quiz — Interactive, Real Time Reinforcement

That Quiz

We’re always trying to find new and exciting ways to (dare I say it?) drill and quiz our students.  Often they need repeated drills and practice with concepts to help reinforce learning and ideas.  That Quiz might be able to help.

Working on a simple platform, That Quiz has drills and materials available to help students with a myriad of subjects from math and science through foreign language and geography.  Each subject allows the user to set the criteria for each quiz.  Students can change the difficulty levels, number of questions, and add a timer, if desired as they use That Quiz for practice.

That Quiz offers real-time feedback, hints, and sharing options as well.  As teachers, you can also direct students to use That Quiz to your specifications. Create a free account to create quizzes from scratch or select from questions already entered into the That Quiz database.  Simply provide your students with a quiz code generated after you create an assessment and they will be taken right to your quiz.

Subjects offered are:

  • Integers – Arithmetic, Inequalities, Averages, Exponents, Factors, Algebra, Calculus
  • Fractions – Identity, Arithmetic, Inequality, Averages, Simplify, Probability
  • Concepts – Time, Money, Measure, Place value, Graphs, Sets
  • Geometry – Triangles, Squares, Points, Angles, Number line, Trigonometry
  • Vocabulary – English, Spanish, French, German
  • Geography – Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
  • Science – Cells, Anatomy, Elements, Conversion

Many textbook publishers and websites charge hefty fees for these kinds of drills and quizzes with full functionality.  That Quiz is a free web-based service that while not stunning graphically, easily makes up for it in ease of use and content.

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